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For your convenience, we carry a wide range of products that will complement your rehabilitation process and accelerate your recovery. From custom orthotics to orthopaedic braces, and general wellness products, we’ve got you covered!

We invite you to learn more about the products we sell below.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are a medical device that controls the way you move. A pair of properly prescribed custom orthotics relieves pain in the foot, knees, hips, and back, and ensures a healthier future for your entire body. At Spring Health Centre, we are very proud to stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our custom orthotics.

Compression Socks

Prescription compression hosiery is very snug garments with carefully designed gradients of pressure giving the most compression in the foot and ankle and progressively less up the leg. This compression gradient promotes better venous and lymphatic return by influencing the pressure of the circulatory system within your legs.

What our customers are saying

My 11 year old daughter has had knee pain for about 11 months - yesterday I took her to see Lowell Jordan, Pedorthist at Spring Health Centre. He discovered that her high foot arches are collapsing when weight bearing. Which causes a misalignment and is causing damage to her tendons under her knee cap! He took a mould of her feet and is making her custom handmade orthotics in his on-site Lab, Prodigy Orthotics Lab as-we-speak!!! We are so relieved with Lowell Jordan's holistic approach to find the underlying issue - while MD's kept turning us away with medications and bandaid style tensor bandages, which left longer could have seriously affected her knees, hips, back & over all quality of life!! THANK-YOU Lowell : ))))) So happy!

Heather Lemieux