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Bian Stone Therapy Surrey

Bian Stone Therapy

Bian Stone Therapy is one of the humanity's oldest medical practices. It is recorded in Huangdi Neijing, an ancient Chinese medical book, that there were six medical skills in the complete system of Chinese traditional medicine, i.e. bian stone, acupuncture, moxibustion, medicinal herbs, breathing exercise/qi gong and massage. Famous Chinese doctors in ancient time Bian Que and Taicang Gong were the master hands of bian stone therapeutics.

The bian stone technique refers to the use of stone-based equipment to perform massaging, guasha and other operations on human body skin surfaces according to the Traditional Chinese medical and therapeutic theories such as the Meridian system theory. Bian stone healing was interrupted for thousands of years only because this kind of rare and magic stone became very scarce and extremely difficult to find as transport was not very accessible at that time. The source of the material for making bian stone has been identified as Sibin Floating Stone which was re-discovered in the year of 2007. The content of radioactive and harmful material in Sibin stone is very low, which means Sibin stone is safe for use. Sibin stone has microcrystalline structure of less than 0.03mm. It feels comfortable when human body is rubbed by Sibin stone.


Now modern technology has helped to unveil the mystery behind the magic healing effects of bian stone. It can effectively heal due to its special features, The special magnetic field and the ultrasonic pulsation with the frequency from 20 thousand to 2 million hertz that constantly emanate from the bian stone work on the blood circulation, making it run faster, purifying the blood and the blood vessels and by so doing, insure good oxygen and nutrition supply to various body organs. Bian stone also gives out infra red ray which can resonate with the water molecules in our body tissue or the free water molecules and activate them in essential chemistry reactions necessary to the body and fine tune them so that they can better fit various biological needs of the body. By resonance it improves the digestive and respiratory system. The water molecules can transit freely in the body cells and carry necessary oxygen or nutrition to them.

Currently, the curative effect survey and evaluation project of bian stone therapeutics has been launched by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People's Republic of China. The Bian Stone Therapeutics Committee of Beijing Research & Development Association of Chinese Medicine, the Hong Kong International Association of Chinese Medicine Bian Stone, the Bian Stone & Scrape Committee of China Association Acupuncture & Moxibustion, and the Japan Association of Bian Stone have been founded in succession, in order to enhance academic guidance to bian stone therapeutics. The ancient Chinese bian stone therapeutics can be used again in medical treatment and health protection of people all over the world.

Bian Stone Therapy Surrey

How can Bian Stone Therapy help me?

  • Instant Detoxification
  • Prevent Stroke & Myocardial infarction
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Anti-aging & Rejuvenation
  • Skin Care
  • Weight Control
  • Heal Chronic Problem

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Bian Stone Therapy Surrey

Stone Bian

Reflexologist, Body Works Therapist

Stone is an expert in Daoism Massage, Reflexology, Bian Stone Therapy and Health Qigong Exercise. He obtained professional training from Qigong Institute, TCM University and University of Sports in Shanghai since the year of 2009. Stone has been working in the field for years and he is the No. 1 therapist who brings the ancient oriental Bian Stone Therapy to Canada.

Bian Stone Therapy Surrey

Elina Xu 

Reflexologist, Body Works Therapist

Elina is at the top level of the massage and reflexology expertise in the field. She obtained massage training from Shanghai TCM University in the year of 2010. With years of professional body work in Lower Mainland, Elina is the therapist who is unforgettable when you get the relieving pain or soreness or relax experience touched by her massage hands.